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Preliminary and Initial Manifestations

The Christian-based “Possession Industry”, such as it is, historically recognises six types or “degrees” of Spiritual Affliction. Listed in the degree of incursion, escalation and seriousness.

Spiritual Affliction

Hollywood and the entertainment and news media have a lot to answer for in perpetuating myths about what they call “Possession and Exorcism” and what we here at Divine Intercession call “Spiritual affliction and Deliverance.”

First and foremost please understand that the entertainment industry is just that – entertainment. Entertainment shouldn’t be interpreted to be a wholly accurate portrayal of anything. Also, it should come as no surprise that news and current affair shows frequently sensationalize things in their endless chase for ratings.

Although we know that what we think of as demonic possession is real, perfect possessions are rare. But there is more to the phenomenon of Spiritual Affliction than perfect possession. A lot more. For instance, partial possessions are rather complete.

Perfect possession is when the person has been completely taken over by the demon and is no longer in control of their body, mind, soul or spirit. This is when the demon is completely in control and the afflicted person is no longer strong enough to resist. Partial possession has the same properties. However, the afflicted person still has the ability to come out of perfect possession intermittently depending on how strong or weak they are.

What is Spiritual Affliction?

We live in a universe where what we don’t know far outstrips what we do know. But Christian tradition, and the traditions of almost all cultures throughout human history have acknowledged the existence of consciousnesses and entities that are not human or animal, nor are they confined to material bodies. These non-material or spiritual beings have been known by many different names.

Chief among these beings is God – who in the Christian tradition is the ultimate, all-knowing, all-present, all-powerful spiritual being.

But there are other spiritual beings, who while far below God in their nature and abilities, are older, more experienced and more powerful than human beings.

Some of these beings are benevolent – literally wishing us good – and in Christianity some of these good spirits are called angels.

Some of these beings are malevolent – literally wishing us bad – and in Christianity these spirits are called demons.

Spiritual Affliction happens when a non-living material space or a material living entity is being adversely affected by the actions or interference of demons with manifestations ranging from annoying and disturbing to life-threatening.

Think of Spiritual Affliction as a form of “infection” that originates from non-material causes. Like other forms of infections the case can be mild to severe.



Spiritual Affliction manifests in many ways that can often be confused with other forms of disturbance, such as mental, emotional or physical illness. It is important that before suspecting demonic influence, other more mundane explanations be eliminated and dealt with accordingly.

Unfortunately, mental, emotional or physical illness can exist alongside Spiritual Affliction, which can confuse things greatly, often resulting in “misdiagnosis”. This is where Discernment comes in. Discernment is an ability, granted to certain people, for being able to ascertain whether problems are actually spiritual or material in origin or both. This may come in a form of a vision, audible voice and more.

Here at Divine Intercession, we have individuals who have Discernment gifted to them by God in God’s aspect as The Holy Spirit. They have shown a consistent ability to ascertain if a person or place is being Spiritually afflicted.

Even without the interpretation of someone with Discernment, there are often signs that something spiritual is going on because things start happening that don’t have an easy material explanation.

If you do not have access to someone who can discern for you, for further information, go to: How do I know If I am Dealing with a Case of Spiritual Affliction.

The Intervention and Treatment of Spiritual Affliction

The first thing an Intercessor will do is establish if you are in fact, spiritually afflicted. This involves asking a lot of questions about what has been going on, while also entering into a communion with The Holy Spirit for guidance.

While most intercessors are not doctors, psychologists or mental, emotional or physical health experts, and are not qualified to make such diagnoses, if we believe that the case is a complex one, involving both material and non-material affliction, we will strongly recommend that you seek professional help from an intercessor, psychiatrist or both

We insist you independently seek professional help first and disclose any metal health issues you may be suffering from.

If, however, the Intercessor discerns a spiritual affliction, what next happens is that some form of intervention is called for. This will normally involve prayer work at home as well as booking an

Intervention session, where under guidance of The Holy Spirit, the Intercessor and the Afflicted work together to achieve a solution. However, serious cases of deliverance work must be done on holy ground.

In cases where the disturbances are tied to a specific physical place, then some form of Home Blessing might be required

During an Intervention session, the Intercessor will pray and seek guidance from The Holy Spirit as to what to do next. This will normally involve intense prayer and dialog with The Holy Spirit to “cast out demons”. The Bible tells us that we are all capable of “casting out demons” but, like everything else, some people are better at it than others, and an experienced Intercessor goes through a protocol akin to spiritual surgery, making sure that all aspects of the affliction are dealt with methodically. Even for those with a talent for Intervention, it requires considerable practice, experience and, most importantly Spiritual Authority, to conduct a successful Intervention.

It is in the Intervention process where some of the more dramatic manifestations of The Affliction can manifest.



During an Intervention, the Intercessor calls upon the Power of the Holy Spirit to intervene in the case.

Two things are required:

1) The consent of the Afflicted, through an act of free will to allow The Holy Spirit to cleanse or heal them, or both; and,

2) The Spiritual Authority of the Intercessor

This is where Discernment comes in. Discernment is an ability, granted to certain people, for being able to ascertain whether problems are actually spiritual or material in origin or both. This may come in a form of a vision, audible voice and more.

Spiritual Authority is a complex idea but put simply it means the strength of the Intercessors’ connection with The Holy Spirit, and the confidence they have through that connection to allow themselves to be a conduit through which The Holy Spirit can work.

Without that firm spiritual foundation of Spiritual Authority, the Intercessor cannot be effective

If you do not have access to someone who can discern for you, for further information, go to: How do I know If I am Dealing with a Case of Spiritual Affliction

When The Holy Spirit acts through the Intercessor to effect cleansing or healing, or both, this is called “Deliverance”. Think of Intercession as God acting directly in the human realm to effect cleansing and healing.

Spiritual Authority does not have to come through a Christian or a Christian interpretation of the Godhead as The Holy Spirit. It can come from any one of thousands of historical, cultural or spiritual traditions as long as it is meaningful to the Intercessor and their own special and deeply personal relationship with God.



All interventions result in some form of expulsion of demons or demonic forces or negative energies. No matter how resistant they might be, or how much they might fight back, they are no more able to withstand the Power of the Holy Spirit, than a bacterium can survive in a vat of disinfection.

These expulsions are often called “Deliverances”, but true, final Deliverance does not occur until all demons and all negative energies are expelled, and the now ex-Afflicted is sufficiently strengthened.

Re-infection only occurs as a result of the afflicted person’s wounds not having been cleaned and closed! The strengthening of your spirit helps repel further attacks and make them more benign. In other words. you become more resistant to negative energy and or attacks in the form of intrusive thoughts, nightmares and more.

PLEASE NOTE that deliverance is not usually instant. It can take many sessions and is a process taken over a period of time depending on how afflicted the person is, or how tenacious the Demons are. Each Deliverance Session strengthens your spirit, brings you closer to God and makes the negative energy and influence weaker and less able to attack.

However, even after we’ve achieved Deliverance, we often have to contend with the damage that the demons have inflicted, and there will be a follow-up process of Healing and Restoration. The often prolonged process of Healing and Restoration is almost always ignored in popular depictions of Spiritual Affliction, because it is much more dramatic to watch wounds being inflicted, than to watch the slow, steady process of wounds healing.

To get a taste of what this is like in the real world, rather than a dramatic retelling, please go to: Audio Files and Transcripts of Deliverance Interventions.
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